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Kadhalil Vizhunthen Movie Online-Watch Kadhalil Vizhunthen

Kadhalil Vizhunthen Story

The director of the movie is P.V. Prasad who makes is debut. “Boys” Nakul plays the hero role. He is the younger brother of actress Devayani. Sunaina acts as a pair of Nakul. Actually she is a telugu actress. Hero Nakul reduded his weight from 90kg to 70kg for this movie.Music is done by Vijay Antony. He has been introduced as a singer in this movie for Nakka Mukka song. Cinematography by S.D. Vijay Milton and editing by V.T. Vijayan.

Kaadhalil Vizhunthen is a romantic love story with great action package in a college set. The biggest plus of the movie is going to be songs, dance and action sequences. All the songs are already rocking each and every street, especially Nakka Mukka song.
After a massive reach to public, the Nakka Mukka song has been reshooted to satisfy the expectation of audience. The movie and songs are going to be a another milestone in tamil film industry. Vijay Milton’s cinematography is mixed bag in this movie .Some scenes are excellently shot while some others which follow them are stictly ok .

Vijay Anthony stikes gold with this movie . All songs are already chartbusters . Apart from “Naka muka “, others like “Unakena naan ” & “Thozhiya en kadhaliya” are also mesmerising . He has done a good job in BGM as well .

Debutant director P.V.Prasad must be first congratulated for taking such a heavy subject first up . His touches are seen all over the second half .Infact the second half seem to be on totally different plane when compared to the ordinary first half . One thought that he must have portrayed first half love story more convincingly & strongly .Than it would have brought a even stronger impact in the second half.

Also he has made use of the story of a gorilla & it’s kid very cleverly On the whole the first half is superficial & half-backed while the second half is a stunner.......................

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